Sunday, September 25, 2016

Swim team

We have tried for some time to find a niche for Ryann. Ryann is amazing. She is a thinker- she ponders and doesn't react quickly. She is helpful and tries to find better ways to do things. She has her own timeline and somehow makes it all work during the chaos of our home and family. 

However,  She isn't super self motivated, she isn't very coordinated, didn't have fun at softball, lives in her own little bubble, didn't want to do soccer--- but along came the swim team--- and we thought we would try it out. She is getting better and better each day and she doesn't ever complain about it!!! It helps she swims with some cute boys I am sure. But she also is able to do things at her own pace. Hopefully she continues to like it- but if she doesn't then there is always basketball- right?
Here we are trying on swim caps. 

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