Friday, October 30, 2015

Jog a thon

I ran with the girls this year at their jog a thon fundraiser at school. Cara had the most laps for girls in her class!
All of us will be running a 5k in a couple weeks. So this was good training for us. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Big sister

What kind of fun would it be if we couldn't dress up our little sister with pretty pretty princess jewels. Cara snagged this picture and I have been so busy I haven't had time to take many pictures so I didn't get an after shot. 
Shelby was a good sport through it all. 

Two front teeth

Someone lost her tooth on Sunday! During sacrament meeting she had floss tied to it and kept yanking in it. Then she ran up to the stand at the end of the meeting to have the dentist on the stand pull it out.  Oh man. She cracks me up. 
We shall see if those teeth grow in before Christmas. Because all she wants is those two front teeth!

Friday, October 23, 2015


Sisters kind of ruin healthy eating. I lost 3 pounds while rich was out of town because I don't make so much food so I just eat until I am full and not really anymore. But then my sisters come to town and we want to eat!!

But tomorrow Devyn and I plan on running with our sister ashley in her Ragnar race her last leg is in Napa and it is only 3 miles so we might join her. Good thing we carb loaded on buttercream donuts, right?

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Goodbye mom.

Yes. This little boy said "goodbye mom" clear as day as he ran to great's house. 
This was after he pushed his own shopping cart around trader joes! Waaah! Stop getting so big. 

Monday, October 19, 2015

Rough day

So Mac protested his nap today and this is what happened at 510pm. This was a bad day for sleepers in our house. Cara was up for 2 hours past her bedtime last night and awake for 1 hours in the middle of the night. as I am writing this post (45minutes after bedtime) she just walked out to tell me she is hungry. I am debating if I should sell her to someone tomorrow. If she pees the bed tonight I might just drop her off with a den of wolves. They still raise little kids right? 
Okay. I talked myself off the ledge by looking at these cute pictures of my sleeping babies. No selling children or giving them to wild animals. But I better take a picture of Cara before I go to sleep  just in case. 

I also had a rough evening with Ryann because of her 18 million stuffed animals. She didn't put any away tonight so I threatened to take them all away. I agreed not to take them all away but I pointed out a couple that were super ugly and she should want to get rid of. This caused tears and I should have stopped then but I proceeded to tell her a couple of her horses manes were disgusting. They have dreadlocks from the washing machine but Ryann didn't know what that word meant so I told her it looked like her horses had poop for tails. That sent another round of tears. 

Then we all started crying because we miss grandma great.

 And then I realized I am tired and we all need to get more sleep. So moral of the story... I am trying hard but very far from a perfect mother. This is real life and I am not always proud of it but at the end of the day my children know I love them, I love their father, and their Heavenly Father.  And for that knowledge I am proud. 

Sleepy smile

This is our sleepy smile. Lately she has being very good at falling asleep when I put her in the crib awake! So exciting for me. 
Today rich is in Jamaica for work. Last night when they were landing they had to touch down twice and then pull back up and fly to another airport because of the weather and the rain. Then they refueled at the other airport, turned around and went back to land at the airport they originally planned for. He is pretty happy it all turned out okay. I am too.  

My parents are still in Ethiopia but will be coming home at the end of the week. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Cavity be gone

Last week the girls went to the dentist. Ryann had a toothache and it turns out she needed a baby root canal. We were lucky enough to get her squeezed in to see "popsy" or dr Pickett where we came to the conclusion that pulling that sucker tooth might be an easier solution. Ryann was excited but scared. 
Overall she was a trooper and was loving the attention of having a tooth pulled and a numb face. She wouldn't let the tooth fairy take it because she wanted to show all of her friends. 

Monday, October 12, 2015

This guy

This guy has my heart. He is so sweet and generous with his kisses and hugs to me. He loves his big boy bed and loves to pretend sleep if I lay down with him. He makes the cutest little snoring noises. 
He also has a little cubby for his trains and he puts them away every night and gets them out to play in the mornings. 

Today he went to a friends house and afterwards kept saying, "my friends. My friends. " it was super cute. Then he took almost a 4 hour nap because they had such a fun time playing. 
He has been a great source of joy to my grandpa these past few months. Grandpa great just adores him and loves when Mac says, "where's great?" Or "cookie great" meaning can I have a cookie grandpa great?

Mac also has a great love hate relationship with Cara. They love to bug each other and fight but they laugh just as much as they fight. If I try to separate them they get mad at me. 

Friday, October 9, 2015


More softball fun. Every Tuesday and Thursday Ryann has a game. The kids love going and getting dirty and eating cotton candy (okay that was a first for us) and having fun. 

Mac got his first black eye this week too. Well I think it was his first. This kid is so accident prone I have no idea. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Birthday cake

I snapped this cute picture of rich and Shelby the other morning. Sometimes I banish rich to just hang out with Shelby if he is getting frustrated with the other kids. Sweet babies have a way of calming us down. 
Also on Sunday we had a little birthday cake to celebrate grandpa hamilton's birthday. Cara reminded us all that he is dead, but that means there is more birthday cake to eat cause he can't eat it. 
Haha. Thanks Cara. She is my sweet tooth. 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Halloween is in the air

It is no surprise that Halloween is my favorite holiday. A holiday all about candy?! Sign me up. 
Shelby and I decided to sport our Halloween digs. 
We sure are cute.
Something else pretty great. Yesterday I was at target with Shelby and Mac. Shelby was crying in the ergo carriers, and Mac was being a crazy toddler. I had 4 women stop me and with a smile told me I was doing a good job, or that I looked good, or to hang in there. It was really pretty sweet of them. I must have had a frazzled look on my face but it was much appreciated.  Then today I listened to conference and it was just peace in my soul. What an amazing thing to listen twice a year to our prophet and apostles. 

Friday, October 2, 2015

Personal best award

Cara and Addie both received personal best awards today!  I love their little school and how they celebrate these amazing young kids. So proud of them. 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Cousins and karate

Yesterday Ethan got his brown belt! All the napa cousins (except Mac) were there to watch and it was so awesome to see. What a great kid he is.