Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sick again

This poor guy has had a low grade fever for almost 24 hours and he threw up yesterday. Since daddy is out of town again Mac got to sleep with mommy for the second night in a row. Hopefully the rest of us don't get it!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Baptism Day

My sweet Ryann Paige Hamilton was baptized a member of the church of Jesus Christ of later day saints on February 21st, 2015. 

I am so proud of my sweet girl. She didn't take this decision lightly and she thought a lot about it.  We had weekly lessons on baptism in our family home evening. She spent time learning in church and she has memorized 10 of the 13 articles of faith. 

Ryann was baptized in the same dress that my sisters and I were baptized in. Then after her baptism she got to wear her own special white dress. (Which she went home and jumped on the trampoline and played for hours in...oops)

The water was cold for her because the baptismal font was leaking and they had to keep refilling it which made them run out of water. But she was a trooper and was happy. 

During the baptism program both grandma's spoke, grandpa great and I said prayers, rich baptized her, the primary kids sang "I am a child of God", and there was a lot of friends and family there to support her. It was very sweet and special. 

The after party

Ryann wanted her baptism to be rainbow themed. From the primary song "when I am baptized". My friend Stephanie catered the party and my awesome family helped soooo much with the fruit, desserts, decorations, and drinks. Ryann had so much fun and it was great to see all the people who love and support her. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

More mountain ranch

I forgot to mention that there are pigs in mountain ranch. Mac loved them and cara hated them. Well, cara hated the smell. It was a nice little flashback to my childhood. 

Mac also found a little lawnmower that he pushed around the whole trip. It was super cute. 

Weekend getaway

We were quite exhausted after the quick getaway but we were happy to do it!
This was a 4 day weekend so we hopped in the car and drove to rich's cousins in the mountains. It was a blast and the kids had so much fun getting dirty and playing. 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Barbie uno

We finished off Ryann's birthday by cake at grandma and grandpa great's house. Then we played Barbie uno which was pretty funny (like most games with kids). I think overall my sweet girl had a great day. 

Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy 8th birthday Ryann

Happy birthday to my sweet girl. 

Last month she was bullied at school. It was too painful to write about at the time, but let me tell you now, she is tough, strong, resilient, and happy. 

She isn't afraid of anything... Except zombies, scorpions, the fish monster from scooby doo, and not bullies!

She is still in her own little world, loves ponies, unicorns, rainbows, and butterflies. She also loves Pokemon, movies, music, piano lessons, and breakfast burritos. She buys lunch once a week, only likes cinnamon apple sauce, loves iPad time,and is learning how to play super Mario brothers. She recognizes instrumental music from movies like her daddy and dances like him too. 
She has a crush on a boy in her class named Owen. He is cute but not happy about her liking him. She tries to deny the crush, but can't most of the time. Reminds me of her mommy in elementary school. You should have seen the look on her face when she opened his valentine. Quite precious. She was also thrilled he didn't throw her valentine to him away. Oh man. Boy crazy girl. His best friend is named Marcus, which is what she wants to name the baby if it is a boy. Oye vey.  
Ryann had lost 7 teeth, shares a room with her sister, still won't change mac's diaper but is a great big sister. She dresses herself daily, hates pants, loves making us laugh, fights with her sister, misses her best friend Kennedy from Arizona, doesn't eat much sweets, is playing softball, loves the library, stuffed animals, and is starting to be a great reader. She is also planning on being baptized next week. 

We love you Ryann Paige!

Friday, February 6, 2015

16 weeks

Can I tell you how spoiled rotten you get after having a homebirth? I haven't chosen a homebirth midwife yet so I have been seeing a cnm based out of a community clinic in Napa. This is my 3rd visit and I am so over it. Waiting in the office, waiting in the room, a medical assistant asking me dumb yet important questions, a quick heartbeat (which is great), a little small talk, then come back in 4 weeks.

Nothing like a homebirth appointment where the midwife comes to my home, asks about my thoughts on pregnancy, how I am feeling about the baby, my home life, my marriage, we talk about sleep, diet, water intake, and everything else under the sun. An hour later we end with a hug, positive talk, and promises to text, do lunch, and meet again as soon as I need to see her.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I better pick my midwife and soon!