Friday, July 31, 2015

Birthday BBQ

There are so many July birthdays and it is such perfect weather that we always love to celebrate outdoors with a BBQ. 
grandma great just wanted to sit and hold Shelby which was fine by me. 
My dad tried hard to keep the candles lit but as soon as he stepped outside the wind blew them out. 

Thursday, July 30, 2015


Hazel is a fan of Shelby, 
So is Trent, 
And even though she looks uncomfortable in auntie Ashley's arms, she is happy with her too.  
We have also had some amazing dinners brought over from friends. Elizabeth, Stephanie, Lisa, and Audrey have been so good to us too. 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

He's coming around

Mac is finally coming around to Shelby. He helps to burp her, he tried to carry her car seat and kept saying ,"I got it. I got it." And he will even touch her and give her a kiss or two. 

Shelby meets the greats

Shelby got to meet grandpa and grandma great yesterday. It was sweet and I heard grandma had asked a bunch about when she got to meet her. 
We were sure excited grandma got to meet baby Shelby and you bet we will be spending some time with her over the next few months. 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Obsessed with Shelby

These girls are slightly obsessed with this little one. 
I mean, so am I. Mac isn't sure what to think about her though. 
I will post her birth story soon. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Happy due date

Happy due date to me. 
If you remember, everyone of my pregnancies has gotten longer and longer. 
Ryann 38.1 weeks
Cara 39.5 weeks
Mac 40.3
Baby 4 ???? But guessing 41?
Here are my 20 thoughts at the end of pregnancy. 
1. Contractions are annoying. Every hour I have 1 or 2 and have had them for the past couple weeks
2. So much mucus. Ugh. 
3. It is getting very exciting
4. It is fun to tell people you are due today. They kind of look panicked. Like you might have the baby right there at target. 
5. People are so sweet and kind
6. People like to feed you, unfortunately there isn't a lot of room left in there so I can't eat as much as I want to. 
7. Most of the pregnancy I have hoped and thought it was a boy. But now I have no idea!!
8. I have an awesome waddle. This baby's head is low. 
8. I have gained about the same amount as I did with Cara. Which is tied for first place with the most weight gain. 55lbs. 
9. Swelling in my ankles comes and goes. But overall not too bad. 
10. I just planned a date night for Saturday, cause this lady will go crazy if there is nothing to do.  

11. Mac has been very clingy lately but I don't mind sitting and watching tv because hats all I really want to do. 
12. We think we have names. Still a workman progress, but probably Shelby or Jesse. 
13. I get a lot of heartburn and headaches that I fix with essential oils. They work every time.
14. I am getting lazier in the mornings so I am telling my girls that I am "teaching" them for when the baby comes on how to make their own breakfast. Really that is nice, but I am really just making them make their own breakfast. 
15. I yell a lot. It is depressing and I don't want to, but I get cranky. 
16. I am really super okay today and I am okay with this baby cooking as long as it needs to. But that could change at any minute and I might start freaking out. I think that will happen like Tuesday if I don't have the baby by then. 
17. I have been massaging my belly with coconut oil and clary sage essential oil--- which is supposed to make you have contractions. But it hasn't done anything for me. 
18.  My parents leave for Colorado tonight hand don't get back until Monday. My parents have been at every birth so far and I am oddly calm with hem leaving. I guess if it is supposed to happen when they are gone then it will, but if they are supposed to be there then my body will wait. 
19. If I go into labor on an odd day I think it is a girl, if I do into labor on an even day then I think it is a boy. 😅 the boys are the 20th and 10th. And the girls are the 29th, 14th, and 29th. So we shall see if it continues. 
20. My babies have been born around 730pm, then 830pm, then 930pm. So wouldn't it be cool if this baby was at 1030pm??  I think so. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Happy birthday grandma great

Yesterday we got to celebrate with grandma great for her 83rd birthday. She had so many cards, letters, visitors, and people that showed how much they love and care for her. 
We had 2 different cakes and a delicious spaghetti dinner made by uncle Jim. 
Grandma asked for help to blow out her candles and the girls were very excited to help. 
Mac was stuck at the other table singing " happy birthday to Mac" it was hilarious. 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Green pool time

Today the kids got to experience their first time swimming in a green pool!  Despite the appearance they had a blast. 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Henna tattoo

When I was 36 weeks pregnant with Mac I had a blessingway to celebrate me and my pregnancy. It is kind of hippie and my friends and midwives pampered me and did a henna tattoo on my belly. This was around 36 weeks so it faded by the time Mac arrived. This time around, without my circle of hippie friends I decided to do my own tattoo. I think it turned out pretty awesome. 
Yes the belly is crazy white. I get it. Scary. Also crazy huge. 
After I took the first picture I turned around and saw Mac sleeping. He fought his nap that day, but sleep always wins, right? Haha. I wish. 

Saturday, July 18, 2015


Not much longer until we meet this baby on the outside!!
Cara wanted to take a picture with me and then a picture with the baby. 

This was also a pose of her own creation. 
Her hair is getting a lot of bleached out strands from all the swimming we are doing. She likes it but makes me reassure her that the red hair won't all go away. I sure love my pretty girl. 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Little artists

I realized I had a Mac overload the past few days.  So now on to my other children. 
They made some bookmarks at the school library this week. 
Cara enjoys paining her face with whatever fruit she can find. This variety happened to be cherry. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


This boy loves smelling things. We spent 15 minutes at whole foods just smelling the soaps. He cracks me up. 

Monday, July 13, 2015

Birthday celebration

Mac got a train cake for his birthday and he really had no idea what to do when we lit the candle. As in, he tried to touch the flame but thankfully rich saved him from burning his little fingers. 

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Happy 2nd birthday Mac!

This little guy lights up our world. He is kind and loving and full of laughter. He likes to be silly but he isn't afraid to tell in your face if you are doing something he doesn't like. 
He loves eating and always tells us when he is hungry. He likes toast, sandwiches, milk, bacon, oatmeal, yogurt, pancakes with syrup, chocolate, chips, cookies and basically anything else he asks for. Some days I don't ask him what he wants and he has been known to let me know he wants something different.  So far he eats almost everything. 
He got a bike from my parents for his birthday!! He is in heaven. He loves everything with wheels, especially trains. We got the trains out from storage and he sits on the train table all day and plays with it. 
He got his car seat flipped around today like a big boy. Despite the face he was super excited to sit forward. 

According to the pediatrician he should be 6 feet tall at age 18. He is 85% for height and weight. He can recognize colors, shapes, and letters. He loves to sing ABCs, wheels on the bus, twinkle twinkle, and I am a child of God. He doesn't know his animal sounds but loves when we make the noises for him. He likes books about trains and he has finally branched out to watch movies other than thomas. He likes jake, Mickey, and chuggington. Every so often he will tolerate a show the girls are watching, but he would rather play with trains. 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Stuffed animals

Rich put the girls to bed and told them to go to sleep. I came to check on them and this is what I found. 2 cute girls with about a thousand stuffed animals surrounding them. Can you find them?

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Ball pit

I took the kids to scandia yesterday for a couple hours and they had a blast. Mac ran around like a crazy man and was so sweaty by the end of the trip. 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Pancake breakfast

IOur ward did a pancake breakfast for 4th of July. The kids had fun and they got to decorate their bikes for a bike parade. 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Happy 3rd of July.

The last time I was able to celebrate the 4th of July / third of July in napa was when I was 17. I remember growing up that it was amazing and I have always wanted to be back. Finally this year was our year! 

The kids had a blast. We played, talked with friends, enjoyed the cool weather, and watched the fireworks. 
I can't wait to make this a family tradition. 

So many fun pictures and now I will be spending the next day on the couch to get rid of my swollen feet and drink lots of water. 😀

Bodega bay

Yesterday we took a quick trip to the beach. The kids had a blast. 
Sand, sun, sea shells, and football... What else is there?